Corruption Haunts The Shadows (Berylfire #2)

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The sequel to “Haunting Corruption and the North Clan.” After the fateful events leaving campus and students battered, Addy faces bigger adversaries once the true threat is revealed, way more than what was thought to be a clan’s bitter feelings. Meanwhile the public scrutiny and fear around Addy continues to mount, and at the worst time a secret group finds interest in her, rebels she absolutely can’t, but must ally with. If anyone finds out, it might be her downfall.

While on the hunt, can Addy avoid becoming the villain herself and overcome her guilt?

‘Corruption Haunts the Shadows’ is book #2 of the magical New Adult Dystopian/Contemporary Fantasy series named ‘Berylfire.’

Author: Ellie Kanning-Dawn

Length: approx. 430 Pages

Series: Berylfire, Entry #2

Book Details

Title:Corruption Haunts The Shadows (Book)
Genre:New Adult Dystopian/Contemporary Fantasy
Subgenres:Portal Fantasy, Coming of Age, Love Story, Drama, Medical Fiction.

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English (US)
Series:Berylfire - Volume 2
Age Recommendation:

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Aimed at: College age adults or older teens, “New Adult” age group. (Recommended absolute minimum: 16+)
Notable Mature Themes:Drug Misuse, Intimacy and Mild Sex Scenes, Nudity, Profanity, Some Gore, Violence and Assault.

These tags apply to the entire Berylfire book series, not just this single book.

3rd Person LimitedActionAlternate TimelineAppearance ChangesBerylfire Arcane College UniverseBisexual ProtagonistBisexual RepresentationBookish Love InterestChronically Ill ProtagonistCollegeComing Of AgeContemporaryCursesDarkDisabilitiesDorm LifeDoting ParentsDramaDual POVDystopiaEpilepsyExtroverted ProtagonistFamily DramaFantasyFemale LeadHealth ScaresHealth ThemesHidden SocietyLGBTQ+Mage CollegeMagesMagicMagic BeastsMedium-PacedMemory LossMental HealthModern DayModern FantasyNew AdultOrigin StoryPolitical IntriguePsychic LinkRomanceRoommatesScar-Covered ProtagonistSchool ExplorationSiblings Not Related by BloodSickly CharactersSnarky ProtagonistSpecial AbilitiesSpeculative FictionSupernatural CreaturesSuspenseTenseTragic PastVocally-Injured ProtagonistWar.

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Release:The release is still to be announced. (Unreleased)
Publisher:Independent release with no publisher. (What does that mean?)
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Psychological Trigger Warnings:(Hidden due to sensitive topics.)

  • Disasters: Cold War, Divided Society, Economic Downfall, Estranged Parents, Hazardous School Environment, Homelessness, Infamy, Low Life Expectancy, Other Disasters, Poverty and Medical Debt, Refugees, Resource Scarcity, Risk of Civil War.
  • Medical: Chronic and Terminal Illness, Cosmetic Surgery, Disability, Forced Treatment, Malnutrition, Medical Events like Strokes and Seizures with Detailed Descriptions, Medical Tools like Syringes and Needles, Medication Side Effects, Speech Impairment, Vomiting with Graphic Detail, Wounds and Scarring with Graphic Detail.
  • Mental: Anxiety, Codependency Risk, Death and Loss, Erosion of Free Will, Negative Coping, Self-Harm with Injuries, Trauma.
  • Violence: Blackmail, Detailed Physical Altercations, Forced Permanent Separation of Families, Government Corruption, Hostile Public Scrutiny and Death Threats, Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Mention of Rape, Physical Abuse, School Bullying, Sexual Abuse and Violence, Some Gore and Body Horror, War, Weapons and Physical Violence.

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