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Ellie Kanning-Dawn grew up in the sunny south 🌞 of Germany in a smaller town as a 90s kid, discovering creative writing and art during childhood years with scribbles and short stories now lost in time. She annoyed a few too many middleschool teachers by being too creative and inventive with essays, twisting the assignments too far. She also developed an interest in hiking, nature, and the mystery of unexplored forests at night.
In her early twenties, she went to college and went through a brief episode of tech distraction πŸ”§ and self-discovery, ending up with a science degree and a love for bigger cities and new friendships. Difficult encounters later during that time have shaped her values and beliefs, including a deep appreciation for neurodiversity and friendship, as well as the importance of community and kindness.
Today, Ms. Kanning-Dawn is busy with novels, art, writing, and the passion for fantastic and explosive adventures 🏹, living in a city but close to forests and mountains. Often, her work is written for a younger audience and has a speculative, otherwordly twist πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ, with occasionally unusual viewpoints, while not shying away from more difficult topics.

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More About Me
If you came here wondering about me as a person, here are a few things:

I am a fan of noodles and embarrassingly in the past adored microwave ovens. I used to be an often confused night owl, but then various external changes converted me to getting up early, it’s funny how life flips sometimes. My current writing approach is discovery writing with only minimal planning ahead since I like to keep myself excited.

Growing up with German as native language, I discovered my interest in English somewhat late in high school. Now it is all I write literature in, my works aren’t translations of any kind.

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