Alteration (Thonios #1)

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Lilian wanted a fresh start, but fate has different plans. New school, a chance for new friends, enemies. But when a classmate abruptly falls ill, Lilian is faced with an incredulous hospital transfer and an alcoholic stepdad refusing to talk, and after a dig in files not meant to be touched she and her friends are attacked—shot at, in broad daylight.

In horror, the teenagers realize why: they found a medical company‚Äôs holy grail, a lunatic’s creation, twisted tech altering human mind and sanity that threatens society as a whole. And behind the company’s spotless world-saver facade emerge ruthless henchmen stopping at nothing to silence all witnesses.

Soon, it becomes obvious Lilian and her friends need help, and their time is running out. But whom should they trust, with knowledge so dangerous to share?

‘Alteration’ is an explosive Young Adult Contemporary/Science Fiction Thriller in novel length about a teen girl and her friends caught in a deadly conspiracy. It is book #1 of the ‘Thonios’ Series.

Author: Ellie Kanning-Dawn

Length: approx. 360 Pages

Series: Thonios, Entry #1

Book Details

Title:Alteration (Book)
Genre:Young Adult Contemporary/Science Fiction Thriller
Subgenres:Drama, Adventure, Travel Fiction.

The language the project was originally created in.

English (US)
Series:Thonios - Volume 1
Age Recommendation:

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Aimed at: Teens, “Young Adult” age group. (Recommended absolute minimum: 14+)
Notable Mature Themes:

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These themes apply to the entire Thonios book series, not just this single book.

Drug Addiction, Intimacy and Kissing, Mild Gore, Non-Sexual Brief Nudity, Slight Profanity, Violence and Assault.

These tags apply to the entire Thonios book series, not just this single book.

3rd Person LimitedActionBody ImageCar ChasesChildhood FriendsComing Of AgeContemporaryCorrupt OrganizationsDarkDramaFamily ConflictFast-PacedFemale LeadFuturistic TechnologyGrown Up Too FastGunfightsHackersImmature CharactersKidnappingsLGBTQ+Lost ChildhoodMedical MalpracticeMedium-PacedMental HealthModern DayMultiple POVMutated CreaturesMysteryOrigin StoryPhilosopy of SelfReflectiveRomanceRoommatesScience FictionSecret CrushSecretive ProtagonistSelf-AcceptanceSeriesSickly CharactersSingle ParentingSpeculative FictionStubborn ProtagonistSuspenseTenseThonios UniverseThrillerTragic PastTravelYoung Adult.

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Publisher:Independent release with no publisher. (What does that mean?)
Created On:

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Psychological Trigger Warnings:

These warnings apply to the entire Thonios book series, not just this single book. This listing is NOT a parental guide and might be incomplete.

(Hidden due to sensitive topics.)

  • Disasters: Death by Crushing, Drowning, Hit-and-run, Homelessness, Other Deadly Disasters, Poverty and Medical Debt, Vehicular Accidents.
  • Medical: Chronic Illness, Disabilities, Disfiguring Injuries, Effects of Brain Damage, Electric Shocks, Fatal Malpractice, Forced Treatment, Iatrophobia/Fear of Doctors, Invasive Medical Procedures, Mention of Terminal Illness, Mind Alteration, Needle Phobia, Respiratory Failure, Resuscitation, Risk of Starvation, Seizures, Strokes, Syringes and Needles, Vomiting and Asphyxiation.
  • Mental: Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Body Hatred and Self-Hatred, Death and Loss, Depersonalization, Disordered Eating, Fear of Abandonment, Fear of Identity Loss, Mention of Alcoholism and Addiction, Mention of Sudden Personality Changes, Negative Coping, PTSD, Self-Harm and Self-Neglect, Suicide Attempts.
  • Violence: Child Abuse, Detailed Physical Altercations, Domestic Abuse, Guns and Physical Violence, Hints of Gore and Body Horror, Involuntary Violent Acts, Kidnapping and Restraints, Murder, Poisoning, Police Violence, School Bullying, Sexism, Torture.

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